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At Housing Triage we strive to help UK residents restore their homes. With our simple no win, no fees claims process, we take care of all of the paperwork whilst keeping you in the loop.

The effects

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

1.5 Million Homes Affected

More than 1.5 million homes have been left blighted by botched cavity insulation work carried out to meet Government energy targets.

Damp, Mould & Peeling walls

Properties across Britain have suffered dampness and mould, causing smells, crumbling plaster and stained walls. In some cases, the value of homes has plunged.

Not all homes are suitable

Experts claim that many homes were simply not suitable for ‘retrofitting’ cavity wall insulation, while others were in parts of Britain where weather conditions should have precluded its use.

Green front door cavity wall insulation claims

Millions signed up

Millions were persuaded to sign up to the scheme by the promise of cheaper bills from call-centre staff and door-to-door salesmen employed by energy firms obliged to meet Government targets.

The effects on mental health

Campaigners claim some people are suicidal after their properties were left riddled with damp patches and mould as a result of botched fitting, which can take thousands of pounds to put right.

The effects on physical health

In addition to the effects on your mental health, having damp and mould in your home can cause a number of health issues including skin and respiritory problems.

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